Terrain Park at Rabbit Hill Snow Resort

Rabbit Hill Snow Resort is home to one of the largest terrain parks in Northern Alberta! We offer 3 terrain parks that focus on safety and progression for riders of all abilities.

When we do a park build, we will update this page with a list of currently in-use features with their location. Check out the gallery below to give you a preview of what to expect in our parks.

A HUGE Thank you to our 2022/2023 Park Sponsors

Thirty Two Boots Stance
 Source Snowboard Dragon
Nitro Snowboards L1

Grom Land (Near top of River Run)


5’ Jump

10’ Wide Round Tube

12’ Wide Flat Box

12’ Wide Down Box

12’ Down Rail

24’ Roller Coaster Box

Route 27 Park


22’ Wide Round Rail (Pipeline)

15’ Flat to 15’ Down (Turbo Tubes)

12’ Up to 12’ Down (A-Box)

28’ Down Flat Down Box

20’ Flat Down Rail (Little Dog)

32’ Double Box (Nomis Box)

24’ Skinny Kink Rail (The Dink)

8’ Flat Round Rail (Chrome)

30’ Down (Turbo Tube)

40’ Snow Rollers (Butter Box)

20’ Jump 

40’ Up Flat Down Rail (Battleship)

30’ S-Rail  New Feature

21’ A-Wall Stall (Toblerone)

Snowball New Feature

Main Park 

 40’ Down Flat Down Rail (Double Down)
30’ Wide Round Rail (Lipstick)
30’ Flat Down Rail (The General)
20’ Narrow Box, drop to 10’ Narrow Box (Boc Box)
10’ Flat Rail to 44’ Down Flat Down Flat Down Rail (Triple Down)
28’ Skinny Box with Bonk Barrels (Box Rail)
24’ Banked Box (Dance Floor)
30’ Jump
45’ Jump



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Minute Monday November 28, 2022


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