Never Skied or Snowboarded Before?

Beginners are a focus at Rabbit Hill Snow Resort and we want help to make your first experience on skis or a snowboard a success! Here are a few tips before heading out for the first time:

  1. Dress for the Weather - The weather in Alberta can change quickly and if you have the right clothing on it will make a world of difference. See our What To Wear tab for more information on proper layering.

  2. Take a Lesson - The best way to learn the basics of skiing and snowboarding is to take a lesson! We offer affordable Ski and Snowboard Lessons for all ages. Our Snow School Instructors are professionally trained to help you learn the basics in a safe and controlled environment.

    • Show up early for your lessons - we recommend an hour before your lesson starts. That way you will not be rushed trying to get dressed and pick up any rental equipment. More information on what to expect when you arrive is available here.
    More Lesson Information

  3. Take it Slow - The majority of people will not be on the chairlift on their first day. Rabbit Hill offers 2 beginner areas that will help you progress your skills before heading up the chairlift. If you do not take a lesson we recommend starting on the Carpet Lift (looks like a conveyor belt - we have three Carpet Lifts and recommend starting at the one in front of the rental shop). The Carpets are one of the easiest lifts to get started on, and will take you terrain best suited to learning the basics of stopping and turning. Once you have mastered the Carpet, we recommend you head over to the Rope Tow (located closest to the parking lot). If you have questions about how to ride any of the lifts at Rabbit Hill please ask any of our lift attendants.  Only try new terrain when YOU are comfortable to add more of a challenge.

  4. Take Breaks -  It is important to take breaks when you need them, and make sure you have some snacks and some water. Learning a new sport can be tiring, and you will have more fun if you take breaks when you need them.

  5. Something for Everyone - Not everyone in your group interested in Skiing or Snowboarding? Try out our Tube Park! It is great for ages 4 & Up, plus all you need is your winter clothing (Jacket, pants, mitts/gloves, and a toque or helmet are recommended) and you are good to go!

  6. Have Fun! - That is the whole point of skiing and snowboarding! Learning a new sport can be challenging but give it a little bit of time and practice and you will have a fun sport for life.Bring a friend or family member to learn with you - skiing and snowboarding are great social sports!
Arriving at Rabbit Hill Snow Resort

Please park in the parking lot that will be on the right hand side as you drive up to the resort. If you have lots of equipment to unload you can pull up close to the lodge where you can unload your gear before parking in the parking lot. *Do NOT leave equipment unattended, make sure to lock it up or have someone stay with it*

Have your own Equipment?

If you have skis or snowboards with you we ask that you lock them on the racks located outside the lodge, or leave them with a friend before coming inside the day lodge.

Purchasing Lift Tickets and Renting Equipment

You can either purchase your lift tickets and/or rentals online or in person at Rabbit Hill. To pick up tickets purchased online, you can proceed to one of the RFID Card pick up boxes (one will be located near the ticket windows, the other inside near Customer Service), you can go to either the ticket windows located outside near the unloading area, or inside the front doors to Customer Service. You can also pay for both your lift ticket and rentals at customer service, however purchasing online in advance will save you some money! All of our lift ticket rates can be found here. If you have any questions about the lift tickets feel free to email us at [email protected] or call us at 780-955-2440.


We do have a limited number of lockers available. The lockers only accept debit/credit cards. You can purchase a locker for either a full or half day and you can go in and out of the locker as many times as you would like. We do also have lots of shelf space for storage, please leave all valuables at home or put them in a locker. Rabbit Hill Snow Resort is not responsible for any lost or stolen items.

Lesson Check-In

You must register for your lesson at least 2 days in advance. This will ensure we have an instructor/group available for you. You can do so online, or by calling Snow School at 780-955-2440 ext 39.

Please arrive at least one hour before your lesson start time. Come into the main lodge to check in for your group, private or discover lessons.

Snow School will give you your lift ticket, rental voucher (if you paid for rental equipment) and give you instructions on where to meet your instructor.

Lessons are booked on a first-come first-served basis and can fill up quickly. To make sure that you are able to get a lesson on the day of your visit, we highly recommend booking as soon as you are able to (10 days in advance). 

Learn More About Lessons

Renting Equipment

Rabbit Hill Snow Resort rents skis, snowboards, boots, helmets and poles. You will require PHOTO ID to rent equipment. If you are renting for a youth who may not have ID, please stay with them until the rental form is filled out. Once the form is filled out the cashier will give you instructions on where to go next.

Our boots are divided into ski (hard plastic) and snowboard (softer with laces). All of our boots are unisex in size. If you typically wear women’s sized shoes select a boot that is one to two sizes smaller then your regular shoes. If you typically wear men’s sized shoes, select a boot that is the same size as your regular shoes. Ski and snowboards boots should be snug or tight fitting, but should not hurt your feet. Our staff are available to help you find the correct size of boot for you to enjoy your day.

Next you will go under the #3 sign at the far end of the rental shop where you will be properly fitted for a helmet, and skis or snowboard.

Now you are ready to head out onto the snow!

Which lift should I start with?

If you are new to the sport of skiing or snowboarding and are not taking a lesson we recommend starting on the Magic Carpet Lift (located just outside the Rental Shop exit). The Magic Carpets are one of the easiest lifts to get started on, and will take you terrain best suited to learning the basics of stopping and turning.

Once you have mastered the Magic Carpets, you can head over to the Rope Tow (located closest to the parking lot).

We have 2 T-Bars and 1 Chairlift that will take you to the top of the hill and give you access to a variety of runs and our terrain parks. ( River Run is a guest favorite!)

If you have questions about how to ride any of the lifts at Rabbit Hill please ask any of our lift attendants. 

Ski runs are classified using a color system:

Easier Terrain
Intermediate Terrain
Advanced Terrain
Expert Terrain

*Please keep in mind that runs are rated relative to other runs at the resort. A run color classification may not be the same at Rabbit Hill as a similar run at another resort*

Detailed Trail Map


If you have any questions about the terrain or a general safety concern you can talk to any of our Patrol Staff. They wear red jackets marked with a white cross and can often be seen out on the hill. To report an injury or to ask a question please ask any staff member or customer service and they can call for the patrol to meet you

All guests are asked to follow the Alpine Responsibility Code. This code is used across western Canada to promote safe practices while skiing or snowboarding.

Learn more about Safety and Risk Awareness here

Planning Your Visit - Alpine Responsibility Code
Food & Beverage

Rabbit Hill has a full service food and beverage area. We offer a variety of hot and cold food and drink options. On average you can get a combo (eg. Hamburger, Fries and a drink) for about $10-$15. We also offer homemade sandwiches, salads and a variety of baked goods. 

Our day lodge does have microwaves available if you would like to pack a lunch or some snacks.

2023/2024 Menu Coming Soon!

*Please note that we do have a few gluten free/vegetarian options however we do handle other products and there is potential for cross contact.*

What to Wear

A great day of skiing or snowboarding starts with the right clothing! The weather in Alberta can change quickly, so be sure to dress in layers. We have partnered up with Sundance Ski & Snowboard to give you some tips on how to dress for your day on the hill. On cold days remember to take a break and warm up in the lodge.

Base Layer

This layer should be close to your skin, and could include long underwear or insulated leggings. Choose fabrics that wick away sweat and moisture like wool or polyester. Avoid cotton and denim as they tend to absorb moisture, leaving you feeling cold and wet.

Insulating Layer

Your insulating layer will help keep you warm. Choose a fleece sweat shirt, down layer or hoodie to keep the heat in and the cold out. If you are typically cold choose a thicker fabric. This is usually the first layer to come off when it warms up outside!

 Planning Your Visit - First Layers
Wind/Waterproof Layer

This layer will help protect you from the elements. If it is snowing or windy a shell will keep the wind from going through your layers, and snow and rain from getting you wet. We recommend an insulated winter coat, or at very least a windbreaker over top of your other layers. To keep your legs warm and dry snow pants are the best option. If you are buying a winter coat or snow pants, look for something water resistant and breathable. Also check to see if it has good pockets and zippers easy to use with gloves or mitts on.

 Planning Your Visit - Wind/Waterproof Layer

Choose from either gloves or mitts. They are both good at keeping your fingers protected, it is just a personal preference. Look for gloves or mitts that are waterproof with a sturdy material in the palm (leather is best). We do not recommend knit styles as they often let too much cold air and moisture in, and make it hard to use our rope tow lifts.

 Planning Your Visit - Mitts or Gloves

We recommend that you wear ONE pair of good socks. Choose a thick sock that is made from wool or a breathable polyester that comes up to your upper calf (keeps boots from rubbing). If you put on more then one pair of socks, it can reduce circulation and make your feet colder. When trying on boots, make sure you can still wiggle your toes a little bit to help keep your feet warmer.

 Planning Your Visit - Icebreaker Socks

Helmets are the best headwear for skiing or snowboarding. Snowsports helmets have come a long way in the last little while - they are warm, light and comfortable. Not only will they keep heat from escaping through your head, they also provide protection in case of a fall.

A neckwarmer is a good way to keep your neck, chin and nose warm. Avoid scarves, as they can get in the way, or get caught on lifts.


Goggles are the best protection for your eyes from wind and snow. If you do not have goggles, sunglasses are a great option during the day, and clear sunglasses or safety glasses are great in the evenings.

 Planning Your Visit - Headwear

Skis, Boots and Poles pictured are from the Sundance Ski & Snowboard rental fleet.

Thank You to Sundance Ski & Snowboard for your recommendations!
Planning Your Visit - Sundance Ski & Snowboard
Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

We know coming skiing and snowboarding for the first time means there is lots to learn! We have more information on our FAQ Page, and are happy to answer any other questions you may have at [email protected] or 780-955-2440.

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