Frequently Asked Questions

Based on questions we often get from our guests, we have created some Frequently Asked Questions to help you know what to expect when visiting Rabbit Hill.

Day Lodge Use

**Updated June 22, 2022

What is available in the Day Lodge?

The Day Lodge is where you will find Customer Service, our Snow School Desk and Cafeteria. We have tables available both inside and outside on the deck of our day lodge for you to enjoy a bite to eat. A limited number of microwaves are also available.

Is there anywhere for me to store my bags?

Cubbies and lockers will be available inside the Day Lodge.  Please note, Rabbit Hill does not recommend leaving valuables unattended inside vehicles. Rabbit Hill is not responsible for any guest belongings stolen from a guests vehicle.

Lifting of the Provincial Restrictions Exemption Program

As of February 9, 2022 the province will be lifting the Restrictions Exemption Program. Our Day Lodge, Rental Shop, Customer Service and Retail will return to normal capacity with no proof of vaccination required. 

Do I have to wear a mask inside?

Currently masking indoors will no longer be required, but should restrictions change they may be required. Rabbit Hill continues to support the decision of any guest that chooses to wear a mask or face covering. 

Season Passes

**Updated June 22, 2022

Do I have to book a date and time if I have a season pass?

As of now, pass holders are not required to book their date and time and come can anytime we are open. This could change depending on government restrictions.

I purchased my season pass in September, how do I get my Friends Ski Free tickets?

Your Friends Ski Free tickets are attached to your profile in our system. In order to redeem your free tickets, you will need to accompany your guest to Customer Service where we can look up your profile. Friends Ski Free tickets CANNOT be redeemed online through our webstore.

I have season rentals, do I need to book a date and time to come down?

Currently, we are not requiring season renters to reserve a date and time. We will have a dedicated line for season renters to short cut you through our front end process. If future restrictions are placed on our rental operations, then we may have to implement a reservation system again.

Lift Tickets and Bookings

**Updated June 22, 2022

Do I have to purchase lift tickets online or can I just show up and purchase the day of?

Currently we are not requiring guests to purchase lift tickets online in advance, currently there are no government issued capacity restrictions on our outdoor operations. We still HIGHLY recommend purchasing your lift tickets online in advance in order to save time at our ticket windows. 

**TUESDAY NIGHT SPECIAL TICKETS - These sell out online quickly, we often have no tickets available at the ticket windows. Purchase your Tuesday Night Special tickets in advance to avoid disappointment! 

If I purchase a lift ticket online, will I have to choose a date as well?

Any lift ticket purchased online can be used any day during the season. Lift tickets can be purchased either for the Full Day or for 4 Hours or Less. To redeem your online lift ticket, just bring your barcoded receipt to one of our ticket windows and the Customer Service staff can print out your lift tickets. Online lift tickets can also be redeemed in our Rental Shop. Any lift ticket purchased online must be used in the same season it was purchased. There are no refunds for unused lift tickets.

How far in advance can I purchase a lift ticket?

Lift tickets can be purchased online at anytime because they are not for a specific date.

How do I cancel or get a refund for my online ticket purchase?

Since lift tickets purchased online can be used for any day of the season, there are no refunds available. Lift tickets purchased online during the season must be used by the closing date of that current season. Lift tickets cannot be transferred to future seasons. For details on our full Refund Policy, please click here.

Can I get a walking ticket to accompany my child in the beginner area?

Walking tickets can be purchased at Customer Service by anyone who wishes to accompany someone in our beginner areas. Rabbit Hill reserves the right to withhold selling walking tickets if our beginner areas are too busy or during our scheduled lesson times. Walking tickets are only for those that are walking and are not in ski/snowboard gear. Walking tickets will not scan valid at our chairlift or T-bars.

Flexi Passes and Embrace Cards

**Updated October 15, 2021

How do I book a ticket with my Flexi Pass?

Flexi passes will need to be redeemed in person with Customer Service. Flexi pass holders will not need to present the card to Customer Service as the staff member will be able to look up the guest profile. Flexi passes cannot be redeemed online.

How do I purchase a ticket with my Embrace Card?

Embrace cards must be redeemed in person with Customer Service. A photo ID must be presented to Customer Service in order to receive your Embrace Card discount because Embrace Cards are not transferable. Embrace Cards cannot be redeemed online.

Sunshine Super Card/Marmot Escape Card

**Updated October 15, 2021

How do I receive my discount for my Sunshine Super Card/Marmot Escape Card

Your registered Sunshine Super Card or Marmot Escape Card must be presented to Customer Service in order to receive your 30% discount. The 30% discount is on Full Day all area lift tickets only.

A Sunshine Super Card Bonus day can only be redeemed Monday - Friday and is not valid on the weekends. The Bonus Day must be redeemed before any discounted day can be used.

Grade 4/5 Pass

I have a Grade 4/5 Snow Pass from the Canadian Ski Council, how do I use my 2 free days?

A certain amount of tickets per day have been assigned to the Grade 4/5 program this season. You will need to login to your account through the Snow Pass website and then book your visit to Rabbit Hill. You will need to show your Grade 4/5 pass at the outside ticket windows when you arrive to get your lift ticket. Blackout dates do apply from December  24, 2022 - January 8, 2023 and February 20, 2023.