Park Group Lesson
(Ages 7+)

Our Group Park Lessons will help you build overall riding skills which will prepare you for our cross track and terrain parks. The lessons are designed to be fun and progressive while introducing you to the world of freeride in a non-competitive environment.

In the Park Group Lessons you will build the technical skills required to ride safe and comfortably. These skills include position and balance, edge control, as well as timing and coordination. Participants are assessed and grouped according to age and ability for an enjoyable learning and social experience.

Our CSIA and CASI Park certified instructors will ensure a safe and fun environment.

The lesson is 1.5 hours long and is at 1:30 Saturdays, Sundays and Daily over Christmas Holidays.

Lesson Package  (Includes Lift Tickets and Lessons) $84.00 Buy Online
Season Pass Holders $69.00 Buy Online
Add Rental Package $15.00  Buy Online

NEW! Park Group Lesson Bundles

With our NEW Park Group Lesson Bundles, the flexibility is yours. You pick how many one day lessons you want, you pick from the available lesson dates that work for you, and we give you the best value! You SAVE when you purchase 3 or more Park Group Lessons for the 19/20 Season. Save 15% when you book 3 lessons, 20% when you book 4 lessons 

You can choose from our Park Group Lessons that run at 1:30 pm every Saturday or Sunday and daily over the Christmas Holidays.

SAVE 15% when you book 3 lessons, 20% when you book 4 lessons, and 25% when you book 5 or more Park Group Lessons! PLUS Park Group Lesson Bundles are fully transferable. For example, if you have 2 people that want 2 lessons, you can purchase the 4 Park Group Lesson Bundle and SAVE!

It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that you book your lessons at least 48 hours in advance. Pick your dates early for the best available lessons, some of them will fill up (especially those that fall on during the holidays).You can schedule your lessons online using the unique promo code you receive in your email, or over the phone at 780-955-2440 once you have picked your dates.

This program is for intermediate and advanced riders and has a skill requirement for both skiers and snowboarders.

  • Having terrain park experience is recommended. No Park Experience? Try our Park Starter Lesson!
  • Snowboarders
    • You are an intermediate or advanced rider
    • You have the ability to control your speed and ride variable terrain comfortably at Rabbit Hill.
  • Skiers
    • You are an intermediate or advanced skier
    • You have the ability to control your speed and ride variable terrain comfortably at Rabbit Hill. 
  • If you have any questions about these skill requirements please call us at 789-955-2440

*Please arrive at Rabbit Hill 1 hour before your scheduled lesson time to allow enough time for check in and rental pick up.