Frequently Asked Questions

This season is a world away from what all of us are used to when it comes to visiting Rabbit Hill. With all of the changes we have had to make in order to open this season and provide a safe place to ski and snowboard, we have created some Frequently Asked Questions to help you navigate our new world.

Current Government Restrictions

Updated Feb 8:

How is Rabbit Hill affected by the new government restrictions?

With the easing of some restrictions on Feb 8, we will be updating our operations. As of Friday, Feb 12, we will now be open for limited indoor dining in the lodge. We will have 7 tables set up to allow household members to eat at the cafeteria. Please note, the following protocols will be in place.

- Indoor seating will only be for those guests purchasing food from the cafeteria.
- There will be a 20 minute time limit for the indoor seating.
- Only household members will be allowed to eat together at the same table per AHS regulations. This does not include school or sport team cohorts.
- There will be a host at the entrance to the seating area to control entry, enforce protocols and collect contact information.

Rental Shop

Our Rental Shop has been further restricted with the amount of guests that can be inside at a given time. If you have purchased rentals you will need to be prepared to wait outside until we can assist you. Please make sure you fill out our Daily Rental Waiver before arriving to speed up the process.

Dress To Be Outside

Even though we have opened seating up inside, please dress to be outside for the duration of your stay. We are still limited in our indoor capacity and there will be no space available to sit inside and warm up.

Ride With Your Household

The current restrictions do not allow for any outside social gatherings. Please make sure you are only riding with members of your household when at Rabbit Hill. 

Season Passes

Do I have to book a date and time if I have a season pass?

As of now, pass holders are not required to book their date and time and come can anytime we are open. This could change depending on government regulations.

I purchased my season pass in September, how do I get my Friends Ski Free tickets?

Attached to every account that purchased a season pass in September is a promo code that will allow you to purchase a free lift ticket. You will need to go through the steps of purchasing a lift ticket for the date and time block you want your friend/family member to come. When you get to the check out page, a Discount Code drop down box will appear with your promo code within. Select the code and click apply and the price of your chosen ticket will reduce to $0.

I have season rentals, do I need to book a date and time to come down?

Yes, all season renters must reserve their equipment by emailing [email protected]. We have very limited space in our rental shop this season and can only process so many rentals per day.

Are you selling any more season passes this season?

No we are at our maximum number of season passes this season. 

Lift Tickets and Bookings

Do I have to purchase lift tickets online or can I just show up and purchase the day of?

All lift tickets must be purchased online in advance this season. We have limited daily capacities this season and this is how we control our daily capacities. You will have the ability to purchase and book a ticket up to 30 days in advance.

How do I purchase a lift ticket online?

On our website, navigate to Products – Lift tickets. Scroll down to the rate table and click Buy Online. You will be given the choice to either choose from Individual or Family Lift Tickets. Choose the age category you are looking for and click Buy Now. You will be prompted to either login in to your account or Create an Account if this is your first purchase with us. A calendar will appear where you can choose the date and time block you wish, if there are available spots. From there you can choose to check out with your purchase or continue shopping for more products.

If I purchased a lift ticket without choosing a date, how do I now choose my date?

You will need to login to your online account. On the Manage Account page choose the ticket you wish to use from your available tickets and click Book Date. A calendar will appear showing you all of the available dates for the next 30 days, based on the time block of your ticket. Choose your date, enter the name of the person using the ticket and confirm your booking. You will receive an email with a barcoded lift ticket voucher which you must redeem at one of our outside ticket windows upon arrival.

Do you have a waiting list for ticket dates?

No we do not offer a waiting list for ticket dates. All dates are first come, first serve for bookings.

How far in advance can I purchase a lift ticket?

We allow tickets to be purchased and booked up to 30 days in advance.

How do I cancel or change my lift ticket booking?

Login in to your online account. On the Manage Account page you will see your booked ticket. Beside the date you chose there will be a symbol that looks like a pencil. Click on this symbol and you will be taken to a booking calendar. You can either choose a new available date or click on the date you originally chose (highlighted in green) and click cancel. If you cancel your date, the ticket will live in your online account to be booked for another date. Cancelling a date does not mean a refund. All lift tickets are non refundable.

Can I get a walking ticket to accompany my child in the beginner area?

We will not be issuing walking tickets this season due to capacity restrictions and safety concerns. Our beginner areas are very busy places and the risk of being struck by a beginner skier or snowboarder can be high in these areas. Without the protection of ski or snowboard boots or a helmet, there is a risk of injury to you. We also have limited daily capacities and need those available spaces for guests that want to go skiing or snowboarding.

What are the time blocks for lift tickets?

Morning             9am to 12:30pm

Afternoon          1pm to 5pm

Evening              5pm to 9pm

Full Day              Open to close

Last 2 Hours       Weekends/Holidays – 3pm to 5pm              Weekdays – 7pm to 9pm

Flexi Passes and Embrace Cards

How do I book a ticket with my Flexi Pass?

Login in to your online account and go to the Manage Account page. Under your Flexi Pass product click on Buy Lift Ticket Now. Click on the Individual Lift Ticket category, select your age group and click Buy Now. From the calendar choose the date and time block you want. You will need to select your age category again and click Buy Now. Choose the radial button beside the time block you choose. Under the Name of Ticket Holder you will have the option to use one of your Flexi Pass uses, then click add to cart and complete your booking.

How do I purchase a ticket with my Embrace Card?

Login in to your online account and go to the Manage Account page. Under your Embrace Card product click on Buy Lift Ticket Now. Click on the Individual Lift Ticket category, select your age group and click Buy Now. From the calendar choose the date and time block you want. You will need to select your age category again and click Buy Now. Go through the process of purchasing your ticket. The system will track how many times you have used your card and provide you with the appropriate discount.


Do I have to book lessons online or can I purchase at Customer Service or on the phone?

All lessons must be purchased online this season in order for us to be able to tracking and limit capacities this season.

How far in advance can I purchase a lesson?

Group and Private lessons can be purchased a maximum of 10 days in advance and a minimum of 2 days in advance. There will be no option to purchase a lesson within 2 days of the lesson date. Lesson will be made available at 9am 10 days prior to the lesson start date.

How do I cancel my lesson or change my lesson date?

To cancel or change your lesson date you will need to email [email protected]. They will cancel your lesson for you to allow you to book another one at a later time. Lessons must be cancelled 3 days prior to the lesson start date in order for us to be able to resell that lesson spot.

Is there a waiting list for lessons?

We do not offer a waiting list for lessons. All lessons are on a first come, first serve basis.

How do I request a specific instructor for my private lesson?

Once you have booked and purchased your private lesson online, you will need to email [email protected] and let them know the name of the instructor you are wanting. We cannot guarantee that the instructor you are requesting will be available.

Can my children be in the same private lesson together?

Students in the same private lesson must be in the same age category (4-6, 7-14, 15+) and be the same ability level. This ensures a quality experience for everyone in the lesson.

Do I have to wear a face covering in my lesson?

Yes, all lesson participants must wear a face covering for the duration of the lesson. There will be no exceptions made to this policy.

Sunshine Super Card/Marmot Escape Card

I have a Sunshine Super Card/Marmot Escape Card. How do I get my discount when purchasing online?

Before we can issue you with a promo code for your discount, you will need to email us proof of purchase for the card. You can email this to [email protected]. A promo code will then be attached to your account giving you access to your 30% discount.

Day Lodge Use

The day lodge will be closed, except for the use of washrooms and food pickup, for the duration of the current government restrictions.

Can I come and use the day lodge?

Our day lodge currently has a very reduced capacity. Due to this, we are restricting use to only those that require the washrooms or would like to purchase from our cafeteria. We have limited seating inside and there is a 20 minute time limit for anyone using the lodge. If you are wanting to watch someone who is skiing or snowboarding, you must do so from outside.

Is there anywhere for me to store my bags?

This season we do not have cubbies or lockers available. These are high touch areas that also cause crowding, so are closed off for the season.

Do I have to wear a mask inside?

Yes, anyone who is inside a building, in an outside lineup, in a lift line, or on a lift must have an appropriate face covering at all times. There will be no exceptions to this rule.

Masks and Face Coverings

Are masks and face coverings required everywhere at the hill?

We require face coverings inside all buildings, in all outside line ups, in all lift lines, while riding all lifts, while on the outside deck (except when eating or drinking), while in a lesson and in our terrain parks. You are not required to have a face covering on while riding down the hill. We require face coverings in these areas because we cannot always guarantee 6 feet of separation from other guests.

I have a medical exemption for wearing a mask. Can I still come riding?

We will not be allowing any exceptions to our face coverings policy. This policy is a key part of the safe operating guidelines that the ski industry submitted to government in order for us to operate this season. AHS recommends that anyone that cannot medically wear a face covering should avoid any public place where physical distancing cannot be guaranteed.

Gift Cards

I would like to purchase a gift card, what can it be used for this season?

Gift Cards can be purchased directly from Customer Service and can be used in our Cafeteria or Retail Shop. Gift Cards cannot be purchased for Lift Tickets, Rentals or Lessons as all of these can be purchased online for anyone you choose. You will need to create an online account in order to purchase these products.

I have an old Gift Card that I would like to redeem for lift tickets. How do I do this online?

In order to use an old gift card for ticket, rental or lesson purchases this season, you will have to email [email protected] with your gift card number each time you would like to purchase and book. We will apply the gift card amount to the products in your cart that you are wanting to purchase.

Grade 4/5 Pass

I have a Grade 4/5 Snow Pass from the Canadian Ski Council, how do I use my 2 free days?

A certain amount of tickets per day have been assigned to the Grade 4/5 program this season. You will need to login to your account through the Snow Pass website and then book your visit to Rabbit Hill. You will need to show your Grade 4/5 pass at the outside ticket windows when you arrive to get your lift ticket. Blackout dates do apply from Dec 26 - Jan 3.