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Rabbit Hill is the largest ski and snowboard resort in the Edmonton area with over 40 acres of skiable terrain! Although our size is an advantage, it is our dedication to the student experience that has made Rabbit Hill’s Snow Education program so popular with schools & groups for the past 60 years!


We offer our school and group programs both during and after school hours on weekdays. 

Supervisor Information

We will send some important supervisor information in our group package, and we are happy to answer any questions you may have.

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Have questions? Please feel free to contact our Group Coordinator

Cheryl Haniak
Group Coordinator
Phone: 780-955-2440     
Email: [email protected]

Please Note: Groups must be booked at least 72 hours in advance. Bookings are not guaranteed until confirmed by Rabbit Hill. Confirmations are only possible Monday through Friday from 9am to 4pm. If you do not get a reply from our group coordinator your group is not confirmed. If you require immediate booking availability please contact our group coordinator at 780-955-2440 or [email protected].

How do I get started?  Is there more information to help me plan out our trip? 

You can contact our Group Coordinator during weekdays by either e-mail ([email protected]) or phone (780-955-2440) and we would be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Once we arrive how long will it take to get from the bus to start skiing? 

On average it takes 45 minutes from time your bus arrives until your students are finished gearing up and on snow.

How do lessons work with such a large group of kids? 

When students arrive on snow with their skies/snowboards then we start lessons.  We first give lessons to the beginners who have never skied.  We assess all other skiers and boards to determine their skill level.  Students are then grouped according to similar skill level for that day.  The lessons times for those with more experience might vary throughout your visit and they will be able to enjoy the hill till it is time for their lesson.   

Should all my students take a lesson? 

It is recommended that all students, no matter their skill level, take a lesson.  This helps everyone learn the rules & techniques of the sport.  No matter the level, lessons can help make the day a better experience for everyone. 

Which children should I include for an Adaptive Lesson? 

Through the Canadian Adaptive Snowsports (CADS), Rabbit Hill Snow Resort has several of our instructors certified to deliver lessons to children with Cognitive Impairments (Downs Syndrome, Learning Disabilities, etc) and Autism Spectrum Disorder. For all other accommodations, please contact CADS Edmonton. 

We want all students to have a great experience.  By knowing which students need adaptive lessons prior to your trip we can create the best environment for all the students and instructors.   

More information on our Adaptive Snowsports coming soon! 

What clothes should student wear? 

Dress appropriately for the weather conditions.  You will be more comfortable if you dress in layers and non-restrictive clothing.  On sub-zero or windy days, shield your face with a high collar, neck warmer or buff. DO NOT wear scarves. Wear a good pair of mittens - preferably water proof and not woolen. Check out our What to Wear page for more details here.

What is the Alpine Responsibility Code? 

There are elements of risk to skiing and snowboarding, and the Alpine Responsibility Code is an industry standard set of rules to help keep skiers and snowboarders safe.  You can read the Alpine Responsibility Code here.

Most of my students have never skied before, is your hill too big? 

Rabbit Hill is designed for all levels of skiing and snowboarding ability.  Our carpet area and bunny hill are large areas, both of which, are great for the beginner or those still learning.  We have a variety of terrain, including the terrain park, that will challenge your more experienced skiers and snowboarders.   

What is a Terrain Park? 

As the Ski and Snowboard industry evolves Rabbit Hill is constantly trying to provide the best facility and services possible. The latest development in the industry is the advent of terrain parks. A Terrain Park is an area with man made jumps, bumps and obstacles for EXPERIENCED skiers and boarders. 

Generally speaking most ski and boarding areas allow unrestricted access to the Terrain Park area. We feel that a wide open policy is not in the best interest of lower-end skiers and boarders and as such we have identified the area as EXPERT TERRAIN only. To further help you in controlling access to the area we have made it off limits to all school groups without consent of the head group supervisor. 

Some group supervisors may feel they do not have the knowledge base to decide who does and who does not have the ability to use the Park. If you would like our staff to make this determination we will be happy to do so. It is our recommendation that permission only to be given to advanced skiers and boarders who have gone through a Terrain Park Assessment as determined by your Park Policy options. 

What is a Park Policy?

Here at Rabbit Hill we have 3 Terrain Parks, and we will work with you to determine the best access options for the safety your group

Park Policy Options: 

  • No Park:  your group does not give members access in any of the terrain parks. 
  • We (Rabbit Hill) Assess:  You require members skills to be assessed by Rabbit Hill staff before being allowed in the  Route 27 or Grom (River Run) Park. Rabbit Hill does not allow school groups in the Main Park. 
    • Rabbit Hill staff run assessments every hour on the hour starting at 11 am.
    • Once students have been assessed by Rabbit Hill staff, they will receive a unique mark on their lift pass signifying they have been allowed access to the Grom (River Run) and Route 27 Park.
  • If we do not receive your Park Policy option, the terrain park will be off limits to school groups without consent of the head group supervisor

NOTE - Helmets are mandatory in the Terrain Park 

If you are allowing access to the Park we recommend one of the accompanying supervisors be in the area. We patrol the Park on a regular basis but, as is the case on the rest of the Ski Area, direct supervision of your students after their lesson is the accompanying supervisor’s responsibility. 

What food is available for purchase and the cost? 

We offer a wide variety of food options ranging from snacks to full meals. 

Once the menu and pricing for the 22/23 season is finalized it will be posted here.

Have Other Questions?

Please feel free to contact our Group Coordinator

Cheryl Haniak
Group Coordinator
Phone: 780-955-2440     
Email: [email protected]