Terrain Park Features

Terrain Park at Rabbit Hill Snow Resort

Rabbit Hill Snow Resort is home to one of the largest terrain parks in Northern Alberta! We offer 3 terrain parks that focus on safety and progression for riders off all abilities.

When we do a park build, we will update this page with a list of currently in use features with their location. Check out the gallery below to give you a preview of what to expect in our parks!

Cross Track Video

Triple Down Terrain Park Series

Thanks to everyone that attended The Triple Down at Rabbit Hill on January 19, 2019! Join us for another great day at Sunridge on February 23 (postponed from Feb 9) for a fun park competition for all ages and abilities! More info here.


Feature Status Current Location
2 - 10’ x 7’ Puck board quarter pipes    
10’ x 1’ Narrow Box  Installed Grom Land
20’ x 1’ Narrow Box (Boc Box)  Installed Route 27 Park
2 - 12’ x 3’ Flat Box  1 Installed Grom Land (Down Box)
2 - 12’ x 1’ A Box  Installed Route 27 Park
10’ x 3’ Flat Box (Tank)  Installed Grom Land
16’ x 8" Tall Box (Ledge Box) Installed Route 27 Park
16’ x 2’ Small C-Box    
20’ x 2’ Flat Box Installed Route 27 Park 
24’ x 1’ big C-Box    
24’ x 2’ Flat Box    
24’ x 4’ Wide Box (Dance Floor) Installed Championship Park
28’ x 1’ Flat Down Flat Box Installed Championship Park
28’ x 1’ Roller Coaster Box Installed Route 27 Park
28’ x 6" Skinny Box (Box Rail)  Installed Championship  Park
32’ x 3’ x 1’ Double Box (Nomis Box) Installed Route 27 Park


Feature Status Current Location
6’ Mini Half Rainbow Rail  Installed Route 27 Park 
10’ Flat Rail (Gunner)  Installed Grom Land
16’ Flat Down Round Rail (Min Pin)  Installed Route 27 Park
16’ Flat Rail (Mountain Rail)    
16’ x 6" Round Rail (Little Mamba) Installed Route 27 Park
20’ Flat Down Rail (Little Doggie) Installed Route 27 Park 
24’ Up Flat Down Rail (Little Battleship) Installed Route 27 Park
24’ Skinny Rail (The Dink)  Installed Championship park
24’ x 6" Down Flat Round Rail (Mamba)    
28’ x 6" Round Rail (Lipstick)    
28’ Round Rail (Pinner) Installed Championship Park
30’ Flat Down Rail (The General) Installed Championship Park
32’ Down Flat Down Rail (Double Down) Installed Championship Park
40’ Rainbow Rail Installed Championship Park
40’ Up Flat Down Rail (Battleship) Installed Championship Park
44’ Down Flat Down Flat Down (Triple Down) Installed Championship Park


Feature Status Current Location
5’ Jump Open  Grom Land
10’ Jump Open 2 - Route 27 Park
15’ Jump Open Route 27 Park
20’ Jump Open   Route 27 Park 
30’ Hip Open Route 27 Park
40’ Jump Open Championship Park
45’ Jump Open Championship Park

Other Features

Feature Status Current Location
8’ Fuel Tank Installed Championship Park
6’ Stall Bar (Chrome)    
12’ Full Tube Installed Grom Land
2 - 15’ Turbo Tube  2 Installed Route 27 Park
20’ Sharkfin Wall Installed Route 27 Park
21’ A Wall (Toblerone) - NEW!  Installed Championship Park
30’ Turbo Tube Installed Championship Park

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