We update conditions & trail map information on a regular basis however all of our conditions are subject to change throughout the day.

It is the policy of Rabbit Hill that if the weekday daytime forecast high is -15°C or colder and all of our scheduled schools have cancelled, we may choose to open at 4pm or not at all. This is for Monday-Friday only.

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Trail Map

Rabbit Hill Trail Map

Opening Day 2019/2020 - November 15 at 4:00 PM!

We are hoping to have Bunny Hill East, Magic Carpet East & West, Bay Street and our Temporary Terrain Park ready for opening day!

Run Conditions
Beginner Bunny Hill East Open
Beginner Bunny Hill West Open
Beginner Bunny Hop Closed
Beginner River Run Closed
Beginner Skill Development Zone East Side Open
West Side Open
Intermediate Bay Street Open
Intermediate Route 27 Closed
IntermediateAdvanced Easter Bowl/Cross Track Closed
Advanced Avalanche Closed
IntermediateAdvanced Terrain Park - Temp Park Open
Advanced Terrain Park - Main (Championship) Closed
Advanced Terrain Park - Route 27 Closed
Lift Status
Chairlift Open
Bunny Rope East Open
Bunny Rope West Open
A-Side T-Bar Closed
B-Side T-Bar Closed
Mountain Rope Closed
Magic Carpet East Open
Magic Carpet West Open

For your safety:
If we experience extreme cold temperatures, high winds, or high wind chills we may shut the chair down for the day, but continue to run the T-Bar. Once it warms up and or winds subside we may start the chair back up.