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The 2010 Terrain Parks at Rabbit Hill are located at the top of Mountain Rope, and riders right off River Run. With a reputation for quality and variety, Rabbit hill is one of the best places to hone your skills, or just get away for some mountain sized fun! Rabbit Hill boasts a large number of shreddable features like flat boxes, flat rails, down rails, and there’s just so much! The jumps in the parks are built to help you learn progressively. Jump sizes start at 5’ and work up to 40’. All season our park crew works hard to keep the parks in a safe and fun atmosphere. Please respect the park crew when they are working on features during the day, it’s for your own safety! Remember helmets are mandatory to ride in ALL Rabbit Hill terrain parks.

Our River Run Park is built to offer new riders a quiet and calm environment when learning the basics on how to ride park features, or just goofing around with your weekend warrior friends! Features in the River Run Park are all sized small and are "ride on features" just off of snow level. This park includes, a 10’ flat rail, a 12’ rainbow rail, 8’ to 12’ flat boxes, and a 5’ jump.

Next Step up is our Route 27 Park; it has a whole lot more to offer! Features in this terrain park are sized from small to medium, with the introduction to “jump on features”. This is where the progression of features comes most into play. Being able to build features most suitable for learning to ride stronger and more confident is the goal for building this park. This park includes, a 15` flat down rail, 2 24` flat boxes, a 20` flat rail and down rail and 3 jumps built at 10’, 15’, 20’.

Our Thumper Bowl Park is serviced with a Handle Tow. This lift lets you lap this skate style snow park. This park has lots of flow and a variety of features to have fun on. The park is built with features ranging from Medium to X-large. This park is the original stomping grounds of Edmonton’s elite riders. There is also a 30` by 30` deck just off the run with a fire pit to enjoy the show, and stay a little warmer! This park includes, a double kinked rail, a quad kinked rail, down rails and pipes, stair sets, with 2 jumps at 25` and 35`.

New features being added to the fleet this year

 - Puck-boarded Quarter Pipe

 - 2 small flat boxes

 - A small flat rail

Please remember that all through the winter season the parks change.  New features are added, some are removed and snow melts.  Always ride through the park to see what’s new or has changed. Please ride within your limits, stay safe and have fun!

Terrain Park


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