Refund Policy

Season Passes are refundable if cancelled before opening day. After opening day refunds or a credit may be requested only for serious injury, major medical condition or relocation.

Refunds for medical reasons must be supported by a doctor’s certificate.

Refunds for relocation must be supported by a letter from an employer outlining transfer and employment location.

Program lessons are refundable if cancelled 7 days prior to program start. This is required to allow us to resell the spot.

Refunds for lessons will only be considered for medical reasons supported by a doctor’s certificate (This includes all pre-registered lesson programs) Participants who cannot continue due to illness or injury will be allowed a credit equal to the pro-rated value of the remaining lesson(s) in the form of a Rabbit Hill gift card.

No refund or credit will be given to participants who elect to miss lessons for any reason. Make Up lessons are available at select times throughout the season. Programs are held in all weather conditions.

Requests may be faxed to (780-955-3512), by email (, or by bringing in a letter in person to Rabbit Hill Snow Resort.

All refunds will be considered after written notice and all passes or lesson material is returned to Guest Services. All refunds are pro rated to the date that material is returned.

No refunds will be considered after March 1st of the current season.

Telephone conversations with Rabbit Hill employees do not constitute an official refund request.

All refunds are subject to a $20.00 administration fee.